Winter weather is a wonderful time to huddle by a warm fire and enjoy some well-earned relaxation. The cold weather invites you to ignore home projects and wait for spring to beckon you outside again. Unfortunately, maybe homeowners don’t realize that they are making critical mistakes which can cost thousands of dollars to correct. 7 Mistakes Homeowners Make During Cold Weather
1. Skimping on Small Protection - A little frozen water can do a lot of damage. Faucet protectors, foam insulation, and leak detectors are an easy weekend DIY to protect your home for little cost.
2. Enjoying the Icicles - Icicles are picturesque, but before you put them on your Facebook feed, it would be better to remove them and clear the gutter; icicles are evidence of a stoppage in the gutter.
3. Ignoring your Gutters - While we’re talking about gutters, if you see water pouring down the side of your house, the rain and snow is missing the gutters entirely and soaking the foundation and walls.
4. Cold Air Gaps - It’s not too late to seal those gaps that drain your house of heat and inflate your energy bills.
5. Program Your Thermostat - BE intentional about the temperature and invest in a programmable thermostat that allows for comfort and controls costs.
6. Skipping HVAC Tune-ups - Service your furnace before winter to maintain its efficiency and maximum performance.
7. Missing a Fireplace Cleaning - A dirty or blocked fireplace can be dangerous. Annual cleaning is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Winter is a great time to relax and it’s ok to save those home projects for spring, but these mistakes are easy to avoid and can save thousands of dollars and the hassle that goes with it.